Want to become a senior tech in the future?

Well, let’s be frank: the tech industry is the gold mine of our age. There are huge careers to be made in this sector, and that prospect is going to become even greater in the upcoming years. A senior tech is therefore a position that many young engineers are looking forward to. But there are some things you must be aware of, though. In this article, we will shed some light on the subject.

Why being a tech leader is a difficult job?

First, we should talk about primary aspects of the position itself. Many candidates are not fully aware of the truth behind the job description. A senior tech is not only the boss of a development team. Designing stuff and generating the Proof of Concept, for example, are only some of the elements involved. In addition, he or she usually has a more corporate role to play. Office meetings. Budgeting. Schedule management… Don’t forget very uncomfortable decisions, too.

You see, there’s a lot of responsibility that comes with the job. Every tech project requires leadership that can cope with that responsibility. This means that a senior tech leader oversees all operations, and executes consequences if something goes wrong. Firing people can be a part of the routine as well as taking hits on behalf of the team. Are you sure you can handle this? Some engineers can’t.

Is there a room for yet another senior tech?

Thinking through the career moves must also include the situation the job market is in. There’s no point of colorization, so let’s speak plainly: the industry is heavily saturated. One needs to be exceptionally skilled in order to make a mark. That, obviously, has to be attached to a serious package of practical experience. This is the only way to get ahead of the competition because almost every coder, IT technician or an Artificial Intelligence specialist wants to be a senior tech in his/her field. And that makes quite a crowd, mind you.

Since the technical industry is so big right now, finding a junior position is relatively easy. Finding a senior one is a different ball game. Not so long ago things were simpler, but the market has changed. Although there are many intellectual and equipment projects in development, senior tech leader job openings are limited.

That’s why you need to really focus on your current situation, and rise to the top of your own abilities. Always learn something new. Don’t hesitate to participate in additional exercises. Upgrade your set of skills. Benefits will become visible in your resume when you finally apply for the senior tech position. Make no mistake – only true experts in their field can get that job.