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Ai vibrator

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My partner wants to adopt my son: can he do it?
Thanks to the fact that laws are increasingly permissive, couples do not have to be always together if they do not want it. That is why it is increasingly common to find single mothers or fathers who take care of their children without any kind of inconvenience and who, at the same time, rebuild their lives with a new partner.
In those cases, the other person usually begins to establish a relationship with their partner's child. It is normal, especially if there is a coexistence; a bond is created and, depending on the age of the child, there are those who even consider carrying out an adoption process and make it their child legally. You may want to carry out the adoption for something merely sentimental, or may, with this, the child receives certain benefits at health, residence, or any other type. In any case, it is possible to adopt the child of your partner as long as certain conditions are met.

There is the possibility of adopting your partner's child under a series of requirements
If you are interested in adopting your partner's child, the first thing you should do is raise the situation to him or her. It is important that you speak it, that you communicate, that you agree, and that you decide to what extent it might be a good idea. Because it could be that you believe it is positive for your child but he or she believes it is better to continue as before. Once the two of you have decided, you can take the next step.
How do I do it? You must know that you need the consent of the other parent of the child, since without it it will not be possible to carry out all the legal proceedings. You can only skip this step in case the person has died; otherwise, you must allow your child to be adopted. The adoption process can be long and tedious if you do not follow all the steps, and could even end up being null, so it's a good idea to talk to the other person as calmly as possible and explain the situation.
You have to have patience during the process that can get longer in time
Once this is done, you should know that the adoption should be carried out by both of you, that is, by your father or mother and by you. It is not necessary that you marry, but if you have not done it you must show that you have lived more than two years together or that you have a common son. Otherwise, you will have to formalize your relationship through a public deed. If you meet all the requirements, you can continue with the application for adoption. This must be presented before the Court closest to your home, following the Procedure of Voluntary Jurisdiction.
What requirements must be met? Not all people can carry out an adoption. If you do not meet certain requirements, they will not let you continue. The first thing you must comply is that you must be over 25 years old, and the child must be fourteen years younger than you; If you have, for example, ten years less than you, you could not continue with the adoption. In addition to this, your other parent, who is not your partner, must have died, be deprived of the power or have given their consent.
There will be a series of requirements such as the age that must be fulfilled in a clear manner
When all the requirements are met, it will be as easy as continuing the adoption process and, once it is approved, changing the surnames of your partner's child. At that time will become part of your family environment, will also become your child legally. And although you could already feel it as such in a sentimental way, it will not be until it is legally recognized that he can have the rights that belong to him as your son. I could not have access to inheritance if you died, I could not prove your relationship with you.
And if the other parent does not agree? In the event that the other parent is not willing to give up their rights, you could go to a judge to take care of everything. The father or mother will have to provide clear evidence that he has been providing financial support to the son, who has been visiting him recently and who could continue to do so in the future; If you have not done any of this, the judge could terminate your paternity or maternity rights.
In the case of not agreeing with the other parent, the judge will take the last word
And if the child is over 14 years old? If the situation arises that the child is over 14 years of age, he will also have the right to decide whether he wants the adoption to take place or not . You will have to sign a consent, and signal that you agree with everything. This is done because it is considered that, from that age, young people are able to decide for themselves if they really want to be adopted or not.
It is usually a long process, but adoption does not have to be complicated if all parties agree. Surely that is the most tedious but, from there, you will only have to collect documents and go presenting them.

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